Monday, August 29, 2016

I Just Finished The Most Wonderful Story...

"We women all have the capacity to carry magic."
--Kristen Ashley, Broken Dove

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Bought
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My Thoughts
OK guys. It's time we had a serious discussion. The title of this post is LITERALLY  (and I hate using this word, let me tell you) is what I said to myself after finishing book 2, The Golden Dynasty. I actually hugged my Kindle to my chest, rocked back and forth, and announced to my very surprised Mom and sisters my declaration of love. They obviously didn't care because they didn't just read what I read. We all know I read a lot, I'm sure if you're reading this you read a lot too so you KNOW and understand that special moment when a book or series hits you right in the face and heart and feels and soul and you didn't expect it. This is how I feel about this series. I didn't think I would be able to do a formal, typical review for each book because there are no adequate words to verbalize my soul-deep love I have for this series. So I decided to do a top reasons to read and add in a few gifs for good measure which I usually don't do but it felt compeltely appropriate for this series because IT CHANGED AND RUINED MY LIFE IN ALL THE BEST WAYS, YOU GUYS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Friday, August 26, 2016

InstaLife {2}

As I said in my recent Itinerary Update, it's been a busy few weeks and my Instagram has been busy documenting! I've really gotten into the Insta Stories, as well. I know it's super similar to Snap Chat but I missed the train on that one and I don't really get it so Insta Stories was perfect for me. I totally love it for pics I want to post that just aren't cute enough to stay on the feed permanently (LOL) and I never want my feed to be book after book I'm currently reading or hey check out my Starbucks cup...again. Anywho, this is what me and my Instagram have been up to. Would love you all to follow along @xoxokellynina :)

Row 1
I started my reread of The Queen of the Tearling series! It's amazing if you haven't read  // I went to Milwaukee's Irish Fest over the weekend to eat some great food and listen to some great music. A piece of my heart is always in Ireland // #WanderlustWednesday in Rio at Christ the Redeemer

Row 2
Finally got some blogging motivation! // My first view of Wisconsin farmland after my 22 hour road trip home *tear* // One of my new FAVORITE books EVER! Seriously! The Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashely took over my life! Read that series you guys!

Row 3
Trip to Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame // Meghan Trainor concert in Nashville! SO much fun! I love her and her music! // Trying to take cool pictures while stuck in the car for 8 hours :/

Row 4
Pitstop in Hershey, Pennsylvania and the Hershey Chocolate Factory. I love Reese's. Favorite candy! // My last day at Dartmouth ended with a great dinner with my two favorite friends and coworkers. Gonna seriously miss them. // Ended one of my last off days hanging out at Starbucks and planning out fun trip stuff!!

Hope y'all enjoyed my recent Instagram adventures! Make sure to follow xoxokellynina if you can :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Do's and Don'ts of Travel

I'm a huge list person. With that said I love posts of Do's and Don'ts. Maybe it's just me but I feel like they kind of go hand in hand. Regardless, today I'm talking about my personal Do's and Don'ts of traveling. Everyone is different and will have their own opinions, my list is pretty general because I know how subjective traveling experience will be but there are a few tried and true observations and lessons I've learned throughout my years abroad.

DO Be Aware of Your Surroundings
I'm gonna start off with the boring buzzkill of safety right off the bat. While it's not the most fun thing to talk about, it is a necessity. I don't live my life in fear as I talked about in my Q&A but it is so incredibly important to just be aware of your surroundings. You might run a little on the side of skittish or you might not be concerned about safety at all, no matter which way you run you have to be aware of what and who is around you. I like to think I have a pretty good instinct but some people don't. A dark alleyway no matter how short is never a good idea. Just think through your choices of transportation and try to know where you're going before leaving your accommodation. Know that you will get lost but instead of asking a random on the street, go into a business or hotel you pass and ask for directions. You don't want strangers to know you're not only not from here, but you're lost as well. Work smarter, not harder. With that said...

Monday, August 22, 2016

Making Peace With The Enemy

: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 352
Publication Date: August 30h, 2016
Source: ARC provided by publisher
Previous Books in Series: The Marriage Contract & The Wedding Pact
Find on: Goodreads | Amazon

My Thoughts

The Belle
My last reading experience with the O'Malley family was incredible. I adored Carrigan and James so I was so excited to read this next book about Cillian and Olivia. To be honest, it was pretty bland. I enjoyed reading it. I was mostly engaged but overall it just didn't really make me excited to read. The pros. I loved the addition of Olivia having a child. That will almost always make me love a story a little bit more. I love seeing characters and their potential hero or heroine interact with kids. It's just a thing I have. I also love the protectiveness and growing up Cillian did. Watchign Olivia open herself up to love after being manipulated by her family was great. I also loved how the book ended with a seemingly completely unlikeable villain become something a little bit more. I also LOVED the setup for the next book! I am super excited to read it regardless of my feelings for this book.

The Beast
The cons? As I said above, it just didn't grab me the way the other books did. I was engaged but I wasn't invested. I thought that Cillian and Olivia were kind of bland and lacking a little oomph the other characters in the previous books had. I think this will be remedied, I hope so, in the next book as the glimpse we get of them they both seem to have a lot going on underneath the surface.

General Admission
If you like mafia romance, suspense, and growing up...this book is for you.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Itinerary Update {2} & Words Have the Power to Change Us // Honor by Jay Crownover

Hey again. Quick (ish) update on what's been going on. The blog has been a bit quiet lately as I've been finishing up my final few shifts on my contract 2 weeks ago (FINALLY!), moving back home with a road trip and stop in Nashville on the way, and then settling back home. Phew. It's been a busy few weeks! Negative out of the way first, some of you might know from Twitter I absolutely hated my last job. Hated. Hated with the fire of a thousand suns. I use that word so infrequently that when I say it, I mean it. I dreaded every day I had to walk in there because I feel like I got dumped on with the worst patients every single shift. Add to that the complete ignorance and lack of professionalism in management I have ever seen that after the first few weeks the quote I feature above was my thinking months before I actually read the words.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friendship Festival {Book Character Dopplegangers}

For the final post of Friendship Festival, the girls and I are naming a book character that reminds us of that person. I was SO excited about this idea when they thought of it because I love it when I read about a character that reminds me of a friend or of myself! It's gonna be interesting to see who they pick for me...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friendship Festival {Girls' Trip}

Today's post for Friendship Festival, the girls and I are each planning a trip that we would take together. We all also bond over our love of travel and adventure so this post is a perfect complement to our week of celebration. Obviously, I am beyond ecstatic to plan a fantasy trip to a place I think we would all love. With that said it should come as absolutely no surprise that the trip I planned will take me and the girls to...

St. Petersburg, Russia

Everyone that knows me or has been here before knows my diehard obsession with The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons and not only have I gotten Rachel and Alexa to read and love it as well, but it's probably my most rec'd book to date which is a HUGE accomplishment as it sits at a hefty 800+ pages but I digress. It is only fitting that if I get to take these fabulous ladies anywhere in the world it would be Leningrad aka St. Petersburg, Russia. Not only for The Bronze Horseman reference but we're all also kind of obsessed with the Romanovs.

What would we do in St. Petersburg? Let me tell you...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Friendship Festival {Intro and Favorite Friendships}

This week on the blog I'll be posting alongside my great friends Alexa and Rachel as we talk about what we aptly named 'Friendship Festival.' What is this? It's a 3 post series focusing on our friendship and celebrating how we came to be such good friends through this crazy thing we call blogging. Today's post is an intro--see previous 4 sentences--and highlighting our favorite friendships in books, TV, and movies.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Darkness Is A Beautiful Thing {The Beauty of Darkness Blog Tour}

The Beauty of Darkness is almost here!!!!! I can still remember being graced with an ARC of The Kiss of Deception, reading it immediately, and being obsessed every since. I have loved this series since it's inception and I am so excited to be a part of the final book's blog tour and to shut it down as the final stop! The book is only a few days old so I hope everyone is reading it or about to read it! (I'm currently on my road trip home so my re-reading and reading has been delayed...waaaaah!)

I've had the opportunity to meet Mary and Google Hangout with her and she is seriously one of the most genuine and kind human beings I've ever met. I am so excited to have her here on my blog today to answer a question about love triangles. Yep, I went there and this time I'm getting an author's perspective.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Chefchaouen, Morocco

I am SO excited to talk about one of the most beautiful places I have ever been...CHEFCHAOUEN, MOROCCO! Pronounced shef-sh-ow-en, it is one of Morocco's hidden secrets. Never having heard of it before staying in it, it is still a relatively unknown city and travel destination--how often do you hear that?--that needs to be on your radar! There isn't a whole lot to say about the city so I'll be showing a lot of pictures!

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